Who We Are

We are a relational group of people that is increasingly growing both within the nation of Australia and into the nations as we connect with others in the Kingdom.

We are unashamedly passionate about living wholeheartedly for God, to see HIS KINGDOM come and to see the Body of Christ from a place of first love, released to be the Bride that made herself ready.

We want to see ‘normal’ reclaimed.  Today it is normal to get up on a Sunday and ‘go to church’, and then go home and live your life during the week and do it all again and again and 52 weeks later, the year has gone with little change.  This however is not normal according to God, this is living below our potential, purpose and destiny in Him.

It was normal in the Bible for people to be saved daily; it was normal for people to regularly have meals together; it was normal for people to share possessions and goods with those in need; it was normal for healings; it was normal for signs and wonders; it was normal for people to be overwhelmed with a sense of God’s love and Presence; it was normal for the Holy Spirit to move mightily; it was normal to worship beyond a song.  This is ‘normal’ Christianity and we believe that hearts are returning in these days all over again.

This is what we desire to see again here in Australia and surrounding nations.  God is stirring many to see a greater manifestation of His Kingdom, and we are but one group who desire to see His Kingdom come and Him glorified as we return to being ‘normal’.


  1. Judith Wenn
    30 Nov 2020 14:01:50 Reply

    Yes I agree.

  2. Pastor Isaac Ogetii
    19 Mar 2022 01:07:52 Reply

    Dear friends,

    Receive our greetings in Jesus Name. we are happy to know you and the work you are doing.

    We request you to affiliate with us and we invite you to come Kenya and establish us fully in your ministry. It is and has been our desire to get affiliated with a ministry like yours which has the the same vision and goal like us of winning more souls for Christ. Am committed in reaching out the drug addicted, sexually abused, abandoned, orphans, handicapped and widows with the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we read in Matthew 28:19.

    May it please your honor and love to send us your teachings and the gifts of Bibles to use them in our worship service. We hope that God’s spirit will touch you to hear our humble call as we read in Galatians 6:9-10.

    Hoping to hear from you soon.

    Yours in His service,

    Pastor Isaac.

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