The Lord has called us to be salt and light in the city, region, and nation where we live. Our heart is to see God transform our city and region! This is our heart at Restoration Centre – to be a collective witness, living testimonies for Jesus in our various walks of life.  We have an Outreach Team that hits the streets weekly and also goes out to regional towns as opportunities arise.  We are building teams of people to minister in various ways.  We are intentional about this for time is short!

LOCALLY, we see HOUSE groups playing a major part in our desire to reach out due to their relational nature.  However we also believe that the Lord has placed many visions in the heart of His people and we believe that as we walk with Him, these will begin to come to fruition and will see people making a difference wherever they may be in their day to day lives.  We don’t want to water down the message of the Gospel and it’s our heart that His Kingdom will come, and His will be done.

REGIONALLY and NATIONALLY, we are beginning to see teams going out to encourage and serve the Lord and His Church as He opens doors.  This is not confined to just the ‘preacher’ etc, but to all, as each one is graced to serve God, and everyone is empowered to be His witness.  As a resourcing fellowship, we are in the beginnings of sending out teams at a local level, state level, national level, and international level.  The day of the lone crusader has gone – it’s time for team ministry; it’s time for the people of God to answer the call, not just the odd one.

INTERNATIONALLY, we have missions into various nations, particularly Africa where teams regularly go. However, the Oceania region is beginning to open up and we are open to the Lord for whatever He desires!  We also partner with a church in Nepal and another in Myanmar.

We believe in an empowering model, not dependency, so everything we do is about empowering the local people as they rise up in all aspects.  We wait to see the ‘more’ that the Lord has in store for us in this area.

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