About Us

Restoration Centre is a vision that Tim & Bonny have held for a long time in their heart.  They believe that God is moving powerfully to see both restoration and reformation.  Restoration of people’s lives, relationships, marriages, health, dreams etc. which leads to reformation, both within the Church and society.  They believe that transformation of a region is possible with Jesus at the centre.

Restoration Centre Bundaberg has been going for 2 and a half years now after months of prayer, worship, relationship building and much hardship.  But God is faithful.  Restoration Centre was birthed from prayer and with the Lord saying ‘do not advertise or promote’ it is Him that has brought together a group of people that have stepped out of their comfort zone to believe God for the more.

We are a gathering of God’s people where family begins and vision never ends… and where we celebrate the life and freedom we have in Jesus and desire to walk in that in our everyday lives.

Loving one another… by this all men will know that we are disciples of Jesus

As a family we are committed to showing the love of Christ to our nation and the nations. We believe in the city wide church and that we can walk together for the expansion of God’s Kingdom. 

We are on a journey into the more – we are not content with just getting on the merry-go-round of weekly church that is filled with programs and has a resemblence of God but denies His power.  We are not content to just sing songs, but not walk out the words.  Neither are we content with hearing many messages but never be transformed.

Our desire is to see every Christian engaged in effective Christian ministry where you know that you’re doing a greater work, in line with God’s call on your life. If you feel you would like to know more, or join on this journey with us, we invite you to contact us via this website.