Hearing from the Lord is an important part of anyone’s walk. This page will provide key prophecies for the church…

Prophetic Word – Katie Barker

word for Bundaberg

Prophetic Thoughts  – Tim Lunnon

The word I have been hearing of late is…

“The Bride made herself ready and it is time My people to make yourself ready. Come out from the things of thing world and live for Me and Me alone. Do not let distractions come and take your focus off of Me, for it is time to consecrate yourself and set yourself apart for Me and My purposes in these days. Return to your first love, return to Me and let My love, My hope and My joy rise up in you and through you… for these are days of restoration. You cannot do just what you have always done for it is time to see things change. Change is at the door, do you not perceive it? See what I am showing you and hear what I am speaking to you, for My ways are not your ways, neither my thoughts your thoughts. Press in My precious people, press in, for breakthroughs and miracles are at hand. Do no hold back any longer, nor stand at a distance, but press in to Me and My Presence, for out of this place will come your breakthroughs and miracles. Awake and realise that this battle is not against flesh and blood but rather principalities and powers, you need to awake and pray for in my timing, IT IS TIME”.

Thoughts going forward…

Proverbs 29:18 has been a key verse of late and speaks to where a lot is at. Different translations obviously bring out different aspects of a verse and many pastors have quoted this verse…. perhaps you have heard the version ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish’ as they talk about their local churches need for vision etc… But this can be part of the problem as the only vision we need is that of the Kingdom and therefore everything we do should be with the purpose of seeing the Kingdom grow in us, through us and around us.

Proverbs 29:18 is really meant to say “Where there is no prophetic revelation (Word of the Lord), the people do what is right in their own eyes (cast off restraint), BUT blessed is he that walk is the ways of the Lord”.

So with that in mind, I bring you what I have been hearing for your encouragement and maybe guidance as we enter 2016 and beyond.

  • It is time for a new wineskin. What God wants to do in and through us cannot happen within our existing structures and formats. They need to become flexible and give space to fully equip the saints for ministry as the saints become participants rather than spectators.
  • It is time for family to be foundational in local fellowships. We have often talked about family, but it is time to manifest it fully in its wholeness. We need to have a fresh revelation of God’s love for us and allow this to work out through us in ways where we share and do life together. Society is crying out for a love to be manifested in a way where they will know that we are Jesus’ disciples.
  • The Presence of God needs to once again become central to the church – not programs, nor different methods etc, but the Presence as without Him we are nothing and can do nothing. The Lord is looking for people that we allow Him to dwell amongst, rather than visit.
  • We need to go beyond merely listening to the Word and singing a song to living out the Word. It is time for worship to truly be in Spirit and in truth 24/7.
  • People have to leave their place of comfort and walk in the boldness and courage of the Spirit. Society needs the love, grace, goodness and power of God like never before and that means you and me need to steward it and become a church without walls.
  • The heart of God is increasingly for a return to city-wide fellowship. That is, no one building their own empires but rather serving in the Kingdom according to the grace given them. Different leaders and indeed fellowships have different roles in the context of the city and it is time to come out of insecurity and come together. City-wide prayer and worship with Jesus as the focus is a great place to start.

7)      The apostolic and prophetic ministries have to be given a place to lead. Because of some excesses and ‘interesting’ things over time, many have been scared off these much needed ministries, but people graced in this way are builders and are key in seeing a greater fullness of the Kingdom come forth. Ministry teams need to be developed rather than have a pastor as leader.

I guess in closing there is much more I could share, but I would rather leave you with a few things to ponder, rather than bombard you with too much and you don’t digest any of it. Maybe I will share more another time. Many blessings – know that you are living in a time of restoration and that God is waiting for us to fellowship and partner with Him to see His purposes accomplished. Now is not the time to drift, nor sit back but press into God and be intentional as we step forward. We CANNOT waste another moment… I feel that so strongly in my spirit… IT IS TIME!!!

Blessings in Christ, Tim Lunnon